CS605 Software Engineering Assignment No 1

Objectives of Assignment:

You will learn the different concepts relevant to software engineering.
Uploading instructions:

Your assignment must be in .doc format Only
No assignment will be accepted through email.
Rules for Marking:

It should be clear that your assignment will get zero Marks if to do this,

· The assignment is submitted after the due date of the submit date.

· Did not follow the answer sheet guidelines.

· The submitted assignment file is corrupted.

· Your assignment is copied from the internet or from any other student

Question No 1: 16 Marks

You are required to choose suitable names/terms against each description given in the below table. You are required to write only index numbers (No alphabet) of name/terms in the below table against each description.

Note: Solution according to the above guidelines will be acceptable only.


  1. Critical or Key Practice
  2. Ends up as a failure
  3. Controlled Centralized
  4. Prototyping Model
  5. Democratic decentralized
  6. Linear Sequential Model
  7. Project Manager
  8. Software vendor
  9. Leading a team
  10. Not proved to be a good leader
  11. Leader
  12. Project Management

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