CS 610 Final Term Current Paper 2020 || VU Past papers 2020

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Short Questions:

Question No.1

Write the name of the routing metric used by Routing Information Protocol (RIP)?

Question No.2

What will be the number of Hop count for a packet to reach from to

Question No.3

Which TCP/IP layer is used for internetworking?. Write the layer name. Also, mention the type of address that is used on this layer?

Question No.4

Name two forms of Internet routing?

Question No.5

For efficiency, WAN uses hierarchical addressing in packet switching comprising of 2 parts. You are in packet switching comprising of 2 parts. You are required to answer these  questions.

1) What does the first part identify the address.

2) What does the second part of the address identify.

Long Questions:

Question No.1

Consider 2 autonomous system Network 1 & Network 2

a)    Suppose in Network 1 there are multiple paths from source to destination. The optimal path is calculated by counting all physical

network or router & the path with a minimum number of the network from source to destination is selected, identify the routing metric.

b)   If Network 2 is used Administrative cost as a routing metric and Network 1 and 2 needs to communicate with each other then which routing metric will be used.

Question No.2

ATM is an ITU-T

a)    Write the specific name of defining the path in ATM.

b)   How many bits VPI occupies in a specifically defined path.

Question No.3

Consider and subnet

·       The number of bits

·       Class of IP address

·       CIDR notation

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Question No.4

IPv6 required names?

Question No.5

What is Congession Control ? Breifly

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