cs506  current papers

Short Questions:

Question No.1

Employ.java and teacher.java are two classes

Write code

·        Inherit class Teacher from class Employee.

·        Write default constructor for teacher classs.

·        Write the code to call the superclass construction.

Public class Employee{

  Public Employee(){}


Question No.2

Write code of process request formula to calculate zakat amount *2.5/100


Long Questions:

Question No.1

Suppose you have been hired as Java programmer in a software house. You are required to write  java client side program communicate with java server. Your program should take user CNIC number & send it to the server having IP addres residing on the Port 1299.

Question No.2

HTTP Request Long question ( 5 points)

Question No.3

Zakkat ( Process request method only) 1st and 2nd Servelet

Question No.4

Two number add and calculate sum button on first.jsp and second.jsp displays.

Question No.5

JSTL tag library color is green, blue.. Red for ( Invalid Section )


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