CS 304 Assignment 1 Solution 2020

Problem Statement:

Suppose the election commission of Pakistan has to conduct the election in Pakistan, due to the current pandemic situation, the commission cannot allow people to come out to cast their vote.

The system will take care of the activities of two types of users voters will be able to cast their vote against a specific candidate of their choice and an admin will take care of the whole process of managing voters, candidates, and declaration of results.

Extract the main objects of the above system.
Find the necessary attributes and functions that need to be associated from each object.
Identify the relationships among identified objects.

  1. Construct a final comprehensive Class diagram showing all classes and their relationships along with their attributes and functions.

Important things to consider:

  1. As happens in the real world that everyone visualizes a problem in a different way so the solutions of all students may vary based upon their own thinking.

Besides problem statement; objects, properties, and functions of a system can also be extracted from domain knowledge


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